Agricultural Consulting and Laboratory Services


We offer many services to aid the grower in all aspects of crop production:

Soil and Plant Fertility Testing

Soil sample collection and logistics:

In house soil nitrate testing with same day results:
Results available by fax, phone, text, email, or hand delivery.

Complete soil analysis including N-P-K, pH and micronutrients generally in less than 72 hours.

Nutrient Management

Creation of fertilizer plan based on the individual needs of the crop, time of year, soil type, irrigation type, environmental factors, weather and grower preferences.

Reporting of data to local and state governing bodies is available.

Fertilizer recommendations based on field analysis and grower standard practices.

Environmental Compliance

Creation and maintenance of Farm Water Protections Plans.

Outsourcing assistance of professional services to hydrologists and engineers needed to comply with environmental regulations.

Data collection and maintenance of records associated with the growers need to comply with environmental regulations.

Farm Data Management and Hosting

Cloud hosting of all records related to the services provided.

Tracking of fertilizer applications. Costs can be assigned if needed with end of the year totals for budgetary concerns.

Agricultural Pest Control

Services to manage all pest control issues arising in the production of organic and conventional vegetable crops.

Environmental Monitoring

Sales and consultation related to soil, irrigation, and weather monitoring equipment. We are the exclusive reseller of ESI equipment in the Salinas Valley (Environmental Sensors Inc.

Products include:

Wireless weather stations that can be placed in any location.

Wireless soil moisture sensors to aid growers in their ability to properly irrigate their crops.

Custom applications include wireless remote monitoring of tractor based spray or fertilizer applications.

Wireless irrigation flow calculation to gauge water use on a field

Wireless fertilizer tank flow monitoring.